Intermediate language lesson investigating newspapers

There has been much use and abuse of newspapers in the ELT profession. For some role play speaking activities give out props. A variation of this would be to ask the learner to read something from the newspaper in their own language and explain it to you in English of course this works best in small classes, or one to one classes.

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Do it yourselves newspaper quiz Materials: Assume what you find interesting in a newspaper will interest your learners. Just as you would show a picture of something to prompt discussion, do the same with a newspaper article. But in America, she was being asked to do much more than that; think, and analyze, create, present, and defend.

Contain a variety of text types or genres: Circulate and monitor, checking the grammar and spelling in the questions and making sure that questions are not too difficult.

Help learners to become better learners. As a follow up they could write the caption for the photo on a separate piece of paper. Do feedback and check the answers to the quizzes.

Provide readily available, regularly changing original texts at an appropriate language level. The British tabloids, for example, are a culturally specific type of newspaper and are not universal. New articles are posted every few days, and there is a huge archive available. Well, to start with, newspapers are much more current than coursebooks.

The only problem with this site is that the articles may be a bit difficult for lower level learners. Add the paste to 2 cups of boiling water and return to a boil. Here are a number of ways you can use a newspaper in your English language lessons. Find three numbers and two countries in this 3 column article on the Middle East.

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When the groups are finished, they pass the paper and the questions to another group. Suggest different kinds of questions, e. Why do you read them. Then distribute headlines from less prominent stories and ask students to choose one and write a news story to go with it.

The video length is generally from 3 to 6 minutes. The articles are a bit shorter than those at Breaking News Englishand while there are not many supporting activities, they do offer audio recordings and vocabulary lists.

This week, Education World offers ten additional reasons -- in the form of ten terrific classroom activities -- for you to use newspapers in your classroom.

The articles are read slowly, but the intonation is somewhat stilted.

Teaching materials: using newspapers in the classroom 1

Therefore, the problem is not the reading or the newspapers, per se. Consider the fact that this situation occurs even reading a newspaper at home, in your mother tongue. The newspaper covered six Intermountain states—Utah, Colorado, Idaho, Wyoming, Nevada, and Montana—the names of which were included in the masthead along with the motto: Before the advent of NIE, newspapers tended to be used only by secondary school social studies teachers in two-week units or for Friday current events sessions.

Do you read newspapers?. Newspaper language - headlines (directions and exercises) - keys included [2 pages] ***fully editable First of a series I´m creating for my advanced students, this one deals with headlines.

There are some exercises for students to identify the use of the language in headlines and also to write their own. Using newspapers in teaching English as a second language intermediate, and advanced levels.

At these levels, newspapers can be cut, marked, clipped, pasted, filed and recycled. Discussions can be organized in class based on the articles in the newspapers.

The paper offers recommendations that would improve. This lesson focuses on helping make sense of the strange forms used in newspaper headlines.

You may want to review some of the most common grammar exceptions found in newspaper headlines before you take this lesson into class.

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The 10 lessons in this teacher's guide to the newspaper not only model how to read a newspaper, but also focus on the unique characteristics of the front page, the types of news stories, features, illustrations, advertising, and editorials. Purpose: The lessons designed for this unit are intended as a guide to help students work in a communicative classroom environment making connections with different aspects of crime that blends listening, speaking, reading, and.

NEWSPAPERS IN THE CLASSROOM T&L – Dr. Paul Garcia Thematic Unit by: Beth Bowling Lesson 1 Using Newspapers for Number Order Math Lesson 2 Community Jobs in the Newspaper Social Studies Lesson 3 Pets for Sale Language Arts Intermediate Lesson 4 Searching for Themes Language Arts Lesson 5 Can’t Beat This Bargain Math Lesson 6 Chart.

Intermediate language lesson investigating newspapers
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